Infrastructure Change Detection Using Drone Mounted Flash LIDAR

BrashTech uses Drone mounted Flash LiDAR for industrial and commercial data capture and analysis, providing our clients with increasingly valuable and actionable insights.

We are working on automating the entire 3D modelling ecosystem - from data capture, cloud based data curation, visualisation, analysis and integration with ERP systems.


There's trillions of dollars worth of infrastructure assets globally that require regular inspections.


A fully autonomous drone will be able to carry out these inspections faster, safer and more accurately.

Software Assistance

Proprietary algorithms to process billions of points of color and LIDAR data into 3D and 4D models to analyze changes over time.

Target Markets

Industrial infrastructure globally requires regular inspections to detect change and deterioration. Today these inspections are carried out manually at considerable danger and cost. A fully autonomous drone will be able to carry out these inspections faster, safer, more accurately and economically than is possible today.

The application of this technology goes far beyond oil and gas inspections. We anticipate within 5 years this technology will be applied to many other diverse industries starting with construction monitoring, insurance assessment and electric/gas/telco utilities.

Example: The Gulf of Mexico is home to over 3,000 active production platforms. The estimated annual inspection rate is over 10,000 inspections annually (each active platform requires a minimum of three inspections). These include flare stack, underside, waterline, post-storm, decommissioning and emergency inspection. It is foreseeable that on-demand operations requiring offshore stationing will be needed.

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    Line inspection

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    Insurance Companies

    Building Inspection

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    Oil Rigs

    Rig Inspection

Our Software

Technological advances in Flash LiDAR have led to dramatic hardware weight reductions and higher accuracy in outdoor conditions, bringing them within the reach of commercial applications. Flash LIDAR is solid state and captures a scene of points at one moment in time.

Simultaneously, drones are quickly evolving into integrated hardware and software ecosystems. Delivering safer, highly-capable autonomous flights at dramatically lower operating costs, increasing their commercial applicability.

It is the confluence of these two technology breakthroughs where an opportunity exists: software to capture, analyze and visualize in 3 and 4 dimensions, a massively increasing volume of raw point cloud data, captured by Flash LiDAR sensors mounted on commercial drones.

Our software takes these billions of points of geospatial data from the real world and analyzes them to detect changes over time. The underlying value can be delivered to users as a service, alerting them to changes / trends which have been flagged for closer human inspection through our 4D viewer or in a connected ERP/GIS.


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